Southeast Asians Emerge on Digital

It’s Saturday morning in Singapore. A group of Millennials post photos of their brunch on Instagram, joking about which hashtags to use. In Manila, a father reads an article in News Feed about his favorite actor. And in Bangkok, a recently engaged woman sits in a coffee shop with her tablet, browsing her favorite blogshops for the latest wedding fashion trends.

Across the diverse countries and cultures, one thing unites all of these people: the role of digital in their daily lives. Southeast Asia is a region where connectivity is never guaranteed and where data and devices can be costly. But as smartphones become more affordable, WiFi is installed in more homes and businesses and more people log on more often, digital is transforming many people’s way of life.

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Moments That Matter: Losing Your Phone, Finding Your Friends

Many of us consider our mobile phone to be our lifeline to the world. Home to essential apps, appointments, messages, music, names, numbers and notes, our mobile devices connect us to the people and things that matter most to us.

At some point, many of us will be faced with the challenge of losing our phone. But that moment of misfortune also has the potential to be wonderful—a chance for people to remember that they are cared for, that help is always close at hand and that life can be surprising and delightful.

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Resonate at Ramadan

Ramadan is a time to connect with friends, family and faith. It is a moment of oneness as people around the world fast, feast, reflect, shop and celebrate together. And from Malaysia to Morocco, mobile and Facebook are increasingly prominent in Ramadan festivities.

At a global level (looking at data for 15 markets), we uncovered several overarching trends across countries: People are celebrating on Facebook, most are connecting on mobile and many are sharing photos during the festivities. And people ages 18–44 are driving most of the conversation.

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The Mobile Lives of Millennials in Latin America

Millennials in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina are making it a priority to stay connected. Whether that means toggling between devices or checking Facebook first thing in the morning and last thing at night, many are willing go that extra mile. And as the world’s first generation of digital natives and the largest generation, by population, in Latin America, Millennials are a driving force in the region’s evolving mobile landscape.

To illuminate the most important shifts, Facebook commissioned a study from global media analytics expert comScore. We explored how and why Millennials (defined as people ages 13–34 in this study) connect across the 3 most populous Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. We found that mobile is now clearly the first screen for Millennials in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina—and that there are interesting (and actionable) differences in the ways Millennials in each country access and use mobile.

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Facebook IQ Video Value Hero

Making an Impact: Measuring the Value of Facebook Video

People have a growing appetite for creating, posting and interacting with video online, especially on mobile. Facebook, for instance, averages more than 3 billion video views per day—more than 65% of which happen on mobile. With just the swipe of a thumb, people have not only the power to control what content and advertising they view but also the power to decide how much attention they pay to that content. This environment of on-demand video consumption on mobile is compelling marketers to create impactful videos that deliver value. While the paradigm of content consumption has changed, marketers’ objectives have not.

As a step to better understand if video ads are changing people’s brand perceptions and purchase behaviors, the Facebook Marketing Science team commissioned Nielsen to analyze how Facebook video ads move brand metrics (Ad Recall, Brand Awareness and Purchase Consideration) in its BrandEffect database. What we learned is that every part of a video view—from initial impression to a complete view and everything in between—drives value.

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Facebook IQ Easter hero

Celebrating Easter Together

Easter is a time to share and celebrate with friends and family. And mobile is allowing people to share and share in the celebrations more widely and instantaneously than ever.

We conducted a poll and studied Easter-related conversation in 9 countries across 5 continents to learn about people’s holiday festivities. We found that when people in Latin America and the Philippines talk about Easter, the religious aspects of the day dominate the conversation. And in Australia, Canada and the US, Easter is a social holiday often fueled by chocolate and candy.

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Tech Telco Moms

Connecting with Mothers When It Matters Most

Brands that understand the changes in people’s lives have an opportunity to not just reach people but to really connect with them. While marketers so often categorize people based on fixed traits, like demographics or lifetime value, the truth is that people’s needs and behavior are not fixed—they shift over time. Audience segmentation can be a source of inspiration for marketers focused on connecting to the people who matter the most.

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The Truth about Toggling: A New Path to Purchase for the Mobile Category

The path to purchase for mobile devices and carriers is entering its next era. As many mobile markets reach saturation, people are buying new devices out of desire rather than necessity. As the latest devices are announced throughout the year, many people are considering their options on an ongoing basis.

To help manufacturers and carriers better connect with the people who matter to them, Facebook recently partnered with GfK to explore how the path to purchase has changed and what those shifts mean for the mobile category.

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US Asian Americans use technology

Digital Diversity: A Closer Look at Asian Americans in the US

The US Asian American1 community represents a diversity of languages, cultures and countries. While each culture within the Asian American audience is distinct, there are commonalities in how this active online audience uses digital media to be expressive.

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Mother's Day on Facebook 2015

Modernizing Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always on the move. This year it will take place on March 15 in the UK; on May 10 in Australia, Singapore and the US; and on May 31 in France and Sweden. Next year those dates will change—but it’s not just about the dates. The way we celebrate Mother’s Day may be the most significant shift of all. Read more