Mobilizing for Summer

Summer is a season for people to connect with family and friends, stay active and feel good. And mobile has created opportunities to stay connected beyond the moments we share in person. On Facebook, we saw that 92% of Summer-related conversations in the US took place on mobile in 2016—that’s 12.38x more conversation on mobile than on desktop.

With mobile as our constant companion, it’s more important than ever to connect with people on the go. Check-in locations can offer a glimpse into the ways people stay active and engaged during the season.
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Cooking Up a Crave: The Role of Mobile in Fast Food Dining

You’re going about your day, maybe feeling a little hungry. Suddenly it strikes—the crave! You need that taco, burger or french fry, and you need it now. So you whip out your smartphone to check out the clos­est fast food joint. Craving your favorite food might not be a new feeling, but the way you act on it? That’s changing, thanks in large part to mobile.  Read more

Topics to Watch: August 2016

Many of this month’s Topics to Watch celebrate cultural diversity in the US—particularly in the diversity of its cuisine. With foodies getting creative and street food entering home kitchens, we’re seeing exotic staples grow up or take a turn to the experimental. So we’re excited about this month’s mouth-watering search for the next big thing in creative and product development, as passion for international foods takes hold over feeds (and feeding).



Topics to Watch: July 2016

Time and again we’ve uncovered folks drawn to the warm embrace of the past, as what’s old has become new. In the US, the trend of nostalgia has taken a turn to the really, really, really old—ancient, in fact—as we see a continued yearning for simpler times and faith in simpler remedies. So in our continued search for the next big thing in creative and product development, we’re looking back, way back. But first, a swift glance to the future and computers.


Topics to Watch: June 2016

DIY reigns supreme in this edition of Topics to Watch, with people putting new spins on old things. From experimenting in biology labs to repurposing photos and practicing a stitching technique, Americans are turning to Facebook to share their favorite projects—you might just say this is the best collection of DIY “in the history of the internet.”

We recommend brands use the charts below list to fuel everything from product development to creative.


Topics to Watch: May 2016

In this latest edition of Topics to Watch, we see that “the next big thing” doesn’t always have to be a new product or idea. Each topic offers a big-picture view of what people are talking about to fuel everything from product development to creative.


Topics to Watch: April 2016

People are satisfying intellectual and artistic curiosity with a fresh look at familiar traditions and faraway places. April’s Topics to Watch provides a big-picture view of what people are talking about and may help you uncover “the next big thing” to fuel everything from product development to creative. facebookiq_topicstowatch_apr2016_us


Marking Milestones: Women on Facebook in Indonesia

Social network usage among Internet users is higher in Indonesia than in any country in Southeast Asia, and Facebook is cited as being one of the country’s most popular social networks.1

We wanted to understand what this meant for a key segment of people in Indonesia: women ages 18–45. As a sister study to Portraits of Women on Facebook in Thailand, Facebook IQ commissioned TNS to conduct a study of the unique role Facebook plays in the lives of these women as they mark key life milestones. Read more

Storytelling Sells: Creating a Digital Marketing Narrative to Drive Action

When it comes to digital campaigns, advertisers tend to lead with “Buy Now” messaging. But is the traditional direct-response approach the most effective way to reach people on digital? Not necessarily. Advertisers are beginning to evolve how they approach their digital marketing strategies, embracing techniques—like storytelling—that have been used successfully in driving business results on other channels (TV, print, email, search, etc.).

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Facebook IQ Video Value Hero

Making an Impact: Measuring the Value of Facebook Video

People have a growing appetite for creating, posting and interacting with video online, especially on mobile. Facebook, for instance, averages more than 3 billion video views per day—more than 65% of which happen on mobile. With just the swipe of a thumb, people have not only the power to control what content and advertising they view but also the power to decide how much attention they pay to that content. This environment of on-demand video consumption on mobile is compelling marketers to create impactful videos that deliver value. While the paradigm of content consumption has changed, marketers’ objectives have not.

As a step to better understand if video ads are changing people’s brand perceptions and purchase behaviors, the Facebook Marketing Science team commissioned Nielsen to analyze how Facebook video ads move brand metrics (Ad Recall, Brand Awareness and Purchase Consideration) in its BrandEffect database. What we learned is that every part of a video view—from initial impression to a complete view and everything in between—drives value.

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