Unveiling the Beauty Secrets of the Modern Asian Woman

For 1 in 4 Asian women, a typical morning routine involves the daily application of 16 beauty products to their face that average a total product cost of US$229.

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Interested in what drives this and other beauty habits, Facebook IQ commissioned TapestryWorks to survey 4,158 and interview 64 women in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea.  These respondents provided insights about their beauty regimes in the cultural context of living in their respective countries, and then our experts enriched the study with Facebook and Instagram behavioral data.

We found that while women in these markets share similar beauty goals, their visions of beauty vary widely. We also found that Asian beauty shoppers like to experiment with new or alternative looks—and most are still on a quest to find their perfect beauty match. Although many visit the beauty counter, nearly 40% ultimately make their purchase online or on mobile.

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Unlocking the Mobile Opportunity in 2016

This past Holiday season showed us that the m-commerce dress rehearsal is over and mobile is now integrated into how people shop and buy. Indeed, Facebook data reveal that in Holiday season 2015 Millennials, Moms and Multicultural shoppers in the US collectively drove 81% of all mobile transactions.1 Read on to find out more about these shoppers and learn how brands can build on the momentum from the Holidays to further unlock the m-commerce opportunity in 2016.
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Cultural Connection: The Value of Video

People’s connection with video is undeniable. With more than 8 billion video views per day, we are seeing this come to life on Facebook in many different ways.1

People are using video to connect with their culture. In a survey Facebook IQ recently commissioned with Qualtrics, we found that people who self-identify as US Hispanic, African American or Asian American are 1.3X more likely than the general population to say that video helps them stay connected with their culture.2 And culture is essential: 84% of US Hispanic, 86% of African American and 81% of Asian American survey respondents said cultural heritage was important to the way they define themselves.2 Read more

Discovering New Products in New Places

Dark chocolate-covered blueberries and freesia-infused home fragrances used to be the types of things people would only discover in-store. But today, these types of items—things people didn’t necessarily know they wanted before they went shopping—are on consumers’ radar before they even enter the store. In fact, 50% of core consumer packaged goods (CPG) consumers report that they learn about new CPG products before going shopping.

As consumers spend more time on digital devices, especially on mobile, digital is becoming a leading source of that discovery at a time when there are arguably more new products than ever. How can brands reach people in this competitive world of media fragmentation? Read more

Moments That Matter: Moving In, Moving Out

For some, moving conjures logistical challenges. For others, moving presents opportunities. It is a moment to build new routines, try new things and make new friends. It is a moment to think about where you came from and consider where you are going. It is a moment to explore.

In a study of people on Facebook moving within the United States, we learned that people who move are more open to doing new things as they learn about their new surroundings. We also learned that people go on Facebook when they move to stay connected to their former communities and connect with their new ones, talking about everything from bubble wrap and packing to their new address and renovations. In this way, Facebook now serves as people’s change of address card.

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US Asian Americans use technology

Digital Diversity: A Closer Look at Asian Americans in the US

The US Asian American1 community represents a diversity of languages, cultures and countries. While each culture within the Asian American audience is distinct, there are commonalities in how this active online audience uses digital media to be expressive.

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Digital Diversity US Hispanic

Digital Diversity: A Closer Look at US Hispanics

For US Hispanics, digital platforms are often used as a destination to foster and sustain connections with family and friends, plus a place to celebrate and express diverse aspects in life.

To better help marketers, Facebook commissioned IPSOS MediaCT to understand the roles culture and technology play in how US Hispanics communicate and consume media. Read more