Sharenting to Equal Parenting: 5 Popular Beliefs on the Modern Family Explained

Microsite_BugThe mission of parenting—to raise healthy, happy children—is timeless. But has the parenting journey changed since entering the digital age? Using commissioned research and Facebook and Instagram data, we explore five popular beliefs about modern parenting and note how brands can authentically engage moms and dads today.

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Modern Parenting: A World of Infinite Choices and Voices

First-time parents are met with an overwhelming sea of products and services. And decisions about how best to spend money, whose opinions to follow and what advice to take only seem to multiply as kids get older. Indeed, all parents live in a world of infinite choices and voices.

We know that mobile is helping parents navigate these confusing waters. Mobile is where parents—especially Millennial parents—get opinions, price comparisons and reviews that lead to informed household decisions.

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The Mobile State of Parenthood

From posts about their baby’s first tooth to their kid’s first day of school, technology enables parents to share with family and friends both near and far the joys, challenges and lessons inherent in raising a child. Parenting has become a digitally shared experience.


In observing behavior on Facebook, we see that parents globally post more photos, videos, links and status updates than non-parents.1 While conventional wisdom holds that people on the receiving end hate “sharenting,” their actions say they actually love or, at least, like it. On Facebook in the US, new parents’ posts about their babies receive 37% more interactions from relatives and 47% more interactions from friends than their general posts.2 Read more

Meet the Parents

It’s 4am. The alarm isn’t ringing. It doesn’t need to anymore. Mom traded her evening bag for a diaper bag months ago. And on game night, the game Dad is now focused on is “tucking in” breaks, ranging from 5 to 50 minutes.MTP_Blog_2016-01

Microsite_BugWhile the mission of parenting may be timeless, the journey looks different than it used to, thanks to a confluence of cultural, societal and technological changes. Today’s parental landscape is increasingly varied, and the very definition of family has expanded. Indeed, families come in all shapes and sizes. Moms are choosing to have children at later ages, and dads are more involved in raising children. Meanwhile, mobile-first Millennials are becoming parents and bringing their tech-savvy ways to bear, all while children’s voices are gaining influence at home.  Read more