A Modern Welcome for the Year of the Monkey

When Lunar New Year arrives, homes fill with the smells of holiday meals and the sounds of people reuniting. Children receive their red money envelopes, and the whole family shares symbolic food and gifts to welcome a new phase of the lunar calendar.

To explore how technology is adding a modern twist to Lunar New Year traditions across five markets in Asia, Facebook IQ commissioned Ipsos to survey 2,540 people in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam about the holiday. We also analyzed Facebook and Instagram data. Read more

Moments That Matter: Cooking Up Connections

Food and everything that goes with it—the cooking, the baking, the dining—is always best when shared with others. And now people are extending that experience online, inviting their friends into every facet of the process, from the prep to the plating to the piece de resistance.

With over 75% of people in the US reporting eating dinner at home,1 cooking and baking remains an everyday moment in peoples’ lives. In 2013, the average American family spent $4,000 on groceries, or about $330 per month, making food at home the fourth biggest budget priority behind housing, transportation, personal insurance and pensions.2

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Hot Topics: Australia May 2015

May was a time for Aussies to celebrate inspirational people and their stellar work. From loving mothers to comedian David Letterman and Star Wars character Luke Skywalker, Aussies turned to Facebook to share memories of and admiration for unique individuals who’ve impacted their lives.

Aussie men expressed admiration for acclaimed inventor Elon Musk following Tesla’s announcement of large batteries that enable homeowners to tap into solar power to store electricity. Aussie men also joined the worldwide send-off of talk show stalwart David Letterman as he ended his 33-year run as host of CBS’s “Late Show.” And younger Aussie men buzzed about a new trailer for “Point Break,” a remake of the 1991 film.

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Facebook IQ Easter hero

Celebrating Easter Together

Easter is a time to share and celebrate with friends and family. And mobile is allowing people to share and share in the celebrations more widely and instantaneously than ever.

We conducted a poll and studied Easter-related conversation in 9 countries across 5 continents to learn about people’s holiday festivities. We found that when people in Latin America and the Philippines talk about Easter, the religious aspects of the day dominate the conversation. And in Australia, Canada and the US, Easter is a social holiday often fueled by chocolate and candy.

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Super Bowl On Facebook

The Big Gathering XLIX

The Big Game is much more than just a game—it’s a national holiday that brings us together.

Over 65 million people joined the conversation about Big Game XLIX  on Facebook worldwide.1 In total, they generated 265 million posts, comments and likes.1

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Facebook IQ Celebrating Lunar New Year

Capturing the Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year marks the beginning of a new calendar year for many people around the world. Festivities span multiple days and include sacred celebrations coordinated to the cycles of the moon. For many, it is an important holiday that centers on reunions with family and friends and observances of cultural traditions.

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Facebook The Biggest Stadium in the world

The Biggest Stadium in the World

This summer, all eyes will be on Brazil for one of the most popular sporting events in the world. Of the 1.2 billion people who are on Facebook, some 500 million are soccer fans. Read more