Super Bowl LI on Facebook and Instagram

Fans turned to Facebook and Instagram during Super Bowl LI as the Patriots beat the Falcons 34–28 in overtime at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Worldwide, 64 million people joined the conversation on Facebookenough to fill the stadium almost 900 times over. 44 million joined the conversation on Instagram.

People discussed everything from New England’s incredible comeback to Lady Gaga’s halftime show to Audi’s “Daughter” ad. All in all, Facebook recorded 240 million interactions and Instagram saw 150 million interactions.1
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Unveiling the Beauty Secrets of the Modern Asian Woman

For 1 in 4 Asian women, a typical morning routine involves the daily application of 16 beauty products to their face that average a total product cost of US$229.

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Interested in what drives this and other beauty habits, Facebook IQ commissioned TapestryWorks to survey 4,158 and interview 64 women in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea.  These respondents provided insights about their beauty regimes in the cultural context of living in their respective countries, and then our experts enriched the study with Facebook and Instagram behavioral data.

We found that while women in these markets share similar beauty goals, their visions of beauty vary widely. We also found that Asian beauty shoppers like to experiment with new or alternative looks—and most are still on a quest to find their perfect beauty match. Although many visit the beauty counter, nearly 40% ultimately make their purchase online or on mobile.

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Modern Loyalty: Love in a Time of Infinite Choice

They say brand loyalty is dead. They say Millennials are to blame. Or maybe constant connection is exposing people to more choices than ever before. What we do know for sure is that brand loyalty still matters.

And it’s anything but dead. Indeed, it’s actually thriving with rich opportunity for brands.

Facebook IQ surveyed 14,700 adults in the US, taking a look at the state of loyalty today in five verticals: Auto Insurance, Airlines, Hotels, Grocery and Restaurants. Read more

Optimizing Audience Buying on Facebook and Instagram

With 7.9 billion global mobile devices and connections, there are now more mobile devices than people in the world.1 Our phones are creating new means and platforms to reach people wherever they are. In the US, 1 in 5 mobile minutes is spent on Facebook and Instagram to connect with family, friends and the world.2 In this landscape, marketers want to understand not only the best way to plan media spend across channels but also the interests, needs and expectations of people on Facebook and Instagram. Read more

Defining the Metrics That Matter

Gone are the days when marketers could simply evaluate their business with a few reports, TV ratings and sales figures. Today, the volume of data can be daunting to navigate, luring marketers toward evaluating readily available metrics, such as fans, likes, comments, shares and clicks, in lieu of or at the expense of the metrics that drive the bottom line.

Facebook has seen and been a part of the shift to prioritize measuring actionable real-time metrics that can impact business objectives. And the Facebook Marketing Science team has been on the front lines of navigating this evolution. In the Journal of Advertising, Brad Smallwood, Vice President, Facebook Marketing Science, charts our digital measurement journey, explaining how we evolved the metrics that define campaign success on Facebook, broke down silos with data and shifted the perception of analytics from being a back-office function to having a seat at the table. Read on for a summary of topics covered within the op-ed and what we believe defining the right metrics means for marketers. Read more

A Modern Welcome for the Year of the Monkey

When Lunar New Year arrives, homes fill with the smells of holiday meals and the sounds of people reuniting. Children receive their red money envelopes, and the whole family shares symbolic food and gifts to welcome a new phase of the lunar calendar.

To explore how technology is adding a modern twist to Lunar New Year traditions across five markets in Asia, Facebook IQ commissioned Ipsos to survey 2,540 people in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam about the holiday. We also analyzed Facebook and Instagram data. Read more

Measuring Campaign Effectiveness: Making Search Work Harder

With 45% of shopping journeys containing a mobile action1 and people switching devices and channels at will, paid search alone is no longer the most effective method for brands to get discovered or grow within their category. Marketers now know that they need to plan campaigns across digital channels to match where people are spending their time.

To help marketers plan across channels, the Facebook Marketing Science team explored how exposure to Facebook ads can influence people’s search behavior and impact search campaign performance across mobile and desktop. Read on for topline findings from that research and download the white paper for an expanded discussion of our analysis, vertical case studies and what it all means for marketers.

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Priming Across Screens: The Cross-channel Impact of Mobile and TV

From our living rooms to the palm of our hands, screens big and small are giving us the flexibility to access content whenever and wherever we want. While this 24/7 access appeals to consumers, it has complicated campaign planning for advertisers. People can now see the same brand ad on different screens and at multiple times on any given day, whether they are on their mobile phone or watching their favorite TV show.

Facebook wanted to understand the neural impact of preceding an ad exposure on one platform with an ad exposure on another platform (beyond what was attributable to increase in frequency). To study how people’s brains respond to TV ads after seeing that same ad on a mobile phone or on TV, we commissioned Neuro-Insight, a neuromarketing agency in the US. Read more

Cultural Connection: The Value of Video

People’s connection with video is undeniable. With more than 8 billion video views per day, we are seeing this come to life on Facebook in many different ways.1

People are using video to connect with their culture. In a survey Facebook IQ recently commissioned with Qualtrics, we found that people who self-identify as US Hispanic, African American or Asian American are 1.3X more likely than the general population to say that video helps them stay connected with their culture.2 And culture is essential: 84% of US Hispanic, 86% of African American and 81% of Asian American survey respondents said cultural heritage was important to the way they define themselves.2 Read more