Super Bowl On Facebook

The Big Gathering XLIX

The Big Game is much more than just a game—it’s a national holiday that brings us together.

Over 65 million people joined the conversation about Big Game XLIX  on Facebook worldwide.1 In total, they generated 265 million posts, comments and likes.1

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FOBO is the new FOMO

FOBO is the new FOMO

FOBO is the new FOMO

As teens go, Marcus, 16, is pretty typical. Like many his age around the world, the São Paulo native likes hanging out with friends, shopping at the mall and watching football on TV. But there’s something else he has in common with many of his peers in other countries. Read more

Digital Diversity US Hispanic

Digital Diversity: A Closer Look at US Hispanics

For US Hispanics, digital platforms are often used as a destination to foster and sustain connections with family and friends, plus a place to celebrate and express diverse aspects in life.

To better help marketers, Facebook commissioned IPSOS MediaCT to understand the roles culture and technology play in how US Hispanics communicate and consume media. Read more

Young adults favorite place to hang out

A Favorite Place to Hang Out

Before the Internet, young people expressed themselves through the clothes they wore, the friends they had, the music they listened to and the sports they played — or didn’t play. And they still do. Read more

Facebook IQ Future of mobile

The World in Their Hands

In this increasingly fast-paced and hyperconnected world, it’s almost hard to remember there was once a time before texting and the Internet. In the past, the landline kept us connected to friends and family. Today, the mobile phone is our lifeline. Read more

Facebook IQ Three phases of growing up

The 3 Phases of Growing Up

So often teens and young adults are viewed as one big group. However, during the research for our recent study, “Coming of Age on Screens,” in which we commissioned culture experts Crowd DNA to do a study of people, age 13-24, in 13 countries, we discovered that there are 3 distinct phases of growing up across the globe, each with its own attitudes and behaviors.1

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Facebook IQ Coming of Age on Screens

Coming of Age on Screens

So much of growing up is timeless. But what is it like to come of age in a world of constant connectivity? And what does this mean for brands who want to communicate with people growing up today?

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Creating Digital Ads that Lead to Conversions

Creating Digital Ads that Lead to Conversions

US marketers now spend more on ads online than they do on broadcast TV. But what makes digital ads effective is still open to debate. To help marketers better understand what creative elements lead to results, Facebook conducted a study evaluating 350 campaigns that ran in News Feed in the past two years. The campaigns’ effects on in-store sales or online conversions were also measured, enabling researchers to correlate different elements of ad creative with business outcomes. Read more

The Value of Story telling on Facebook

The Value of Storytelling on Facebook for Marketers

Everyone loves a good story. That’s especially true when it comes to advertising. According to a new study, campaigns that tell a brand story before asking people to buy something are significantly more effective than ones that focus immediately on encouraging people to take an action.

For the research, social media advertising technology firm Adaptly, in partnership with Facebook, compared the rate of subscriptions to Refinery29, an independent fashion and lifestyle website, generated by two campaigns on Facebook that ran in the US in May 2014.

One “sustained call-to-action” campaign over 12 days featured ads that employed creative and images focused strictly on generating subscriptions. The other campaign over the same period featured different “sequenced” ads that first told the brand story, next provided product information before inviting people to sign up. Ads for both campaigns were served in News Feed to lookalike audiences, increasing the chances that people would become high-value customers. Read more