Unveiling the Beauty Secrets of the Modern Asian Woman

For 1 in 4 Asian women, a typical morning routine involves the daily application of 16 beauty products to their face that average a total product cost of US$229.

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Interested in what drives this and other beauty habits, Facebook IQ commissioned TapestryWorks to survey 4,158 and interview 64 women in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea.  These respondents provided insights about their beauty regimes in the cultural context of living in their respective countries, and then our experts enriched the study with Facebook and Instagram behavioral data.

We found that while women in these markets share similar beauty goals, their visions of beauty vary widely. We also found that Asian beauty shoppers like to experiment with new or alternative looks—and most are still on a quest to find their perfect beauty match. Although many visit the beauty counter, nearly 40% ultimately make their purchase online or on mobile.

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The Multidevice Movement: Thais, Taiwanese and Aussies

The sun has set. A Thai college student texts a selfie to her boyfriend as she types up her homework in Bangkok. A businessman in Taipei swipes through the day’s news on his tablet while calling his wife. And in Sydney, an Aussie mom of two emails her boss a draft of a presentation before heading out for a walk with her wearable. Each is connecting—to friends, family, colleagues and the outside world—through multiple devices.

But what do these devices mean to people in Asia Pacific? Are they mere communication tools? Are some more valuable than others?

In an exploration of multidevice usage around the world, Facebook IQ commissioned GfK to conduct a study of multidevice users around the world. For this second post in our Multidevice Movement series, we surveyed 1,000 adults ages 18–54 who use a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop at least once a week in three markets in Asia Pacific: up-and-coming Thailand and well-established Australia and Taiwan. Read more

The Tender Side of Tech

Whether it’s a brother using a laptop to “blow out” birthday candles or a long-distance couple sharing a weekly virtual date, people are using technology in surprising new ways to nurture and share their bonds of love.

GIF04-Reinventing-Rituals-v05-250pxIn a study of how technology is reinventing rituals for people around the world, Facebook IQ commissioned insight and innovation experts Crowd DNA to consult experts, interview influencers and survey people in Nigeria, South Korea, the UK and the US (data are on average across the countries). In this second post in the Tech Transformations series, we focus on how technology is helping people create new and different expressions of love.

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A Modern Welcome for the Year of the Monkey

When Lunar New Year arrives, homes fill with the smells of holiday meals and the sounds of people reuniting. Children receive their red money envelopes, and the whole family shares symbolic food and gifts to welcome a new phase of the lunar calendar.

To explore how technology is adding a modern twist to Lunar New Year traditions across five markets in Asia, Facebook IQ commissioned Ipsos to survey 2,540 people in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam about the holiday. We also analyzed Facebook and Instagram data. Read more

Marking Milestones: Women on Facebook in Indonesia

Social network usage among Internet users is higher in Indonesia than in any country in Southeast Asia, and Facebook is cited as being one of the country’s most popular social networks.1

We wanted to understand what this meant for a key segment of people in Indonesia: women ages 18–45. As a sister study to Portraits of Women on Facebook in Thailand, Facebook IQ commissioned TNS to conduct a study of the unique role Facebook plays in the lives of these women as they mark key life milestones. Read more

Hot Topics: Australia December 2015

Hotly anticipated and entirely unexpected events caught the attention of Australians on Facebook in December, demonstrating the potential power of both suspense and surprise to help brands engage and connect with their audiences.



The Holiday season resonated strongest with older women this year, as Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day sparked conversations on Facebook. Popular community events associated with these days, including Melbourne’s annual Carols By Candlelight concert and New Year’s Eve fireworks displays, also generated significant discussion.

German supermarket EDEKA’s powerful Christmas video won the hearts of older women in Australia as it went viral around the world in early December. Its poignant story resonated across cultures and shared an important message for the Holiday season, making EDEKA one of the most-talked-about brands this month.

After months of excitement and speculation, the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December saw conversation spike about the iconic movie series, especially among men. Interest was fueled by a special event at the Sydney Opera House a week before its premiere, where thousands of fans eagerly welcomed actor Harrison Ford to Australia. IMAX was also frequently referenced, as fans rushed to see the blockbuster on the biggest screen possible.

When it came to the unexpected, the Miss Universe live television blunder intrigued a predominantly female audience, as did KitKat’s clever social media response to the news that One Direction would be taking a “break” in 2016. Footage that surfaced of surfing world champion Kelly Slater’s man-made wave excited a largely male audience, inspiring some to trawl the internet in hope of finding its secret location.

Elton John’s and Ed Sheeran’s concerts wooed older and younger women respectively, while Oprah Winfrey’s Australian tour also generated discussion among women on Facebook.

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Portraits of Women on Facebook in Thailand

“Mook,” “Khing” and “Gop” in Thai translate, respectively, to pearl, ginger and frog. These words could also refer to 3 women in Thailand. Many Thai parents’ first gift to their child is a nickname, which can follow that child through adulthood.

Mobile is as ubiquitous as nicknames in Thailand, where 8 in 10 women connect to the Internet on a smartphone (and only 5 out of 10 women connect via a desktop computer).1 Indeed, in a recent survey we found that 81% of women ages 18–45 in Thailand say they cannot live without their mobile devices and 93% say it is the last thing they check before going to sleep.

Commonalities don’t stop there. In a study of women that Facebook IQ commissioned TNS to conduct in Thailand, we found that women in different life stages use Facebook to express themselves and connect with what is important to them. Read more

Traveling the Digital Road to China

Whether they seek the Temple of Heaven or the Terracotta Warriors, travelers to China generally share 2 things: a craving for cultural adventure and a tendency towards making digitally informed decisions.

To better understand how travelers journey to the world’s 4th most popular destination,* Facebook commissioned a study from global research experts Ipsos. We interviewed people on Facebook ages 18+ across Australia, France, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the US who had visited China in the past year or planned to visit in the coming year. Read more

Hot Topics: Australia October 2015

Key moments in October captured the imagination of Australians on Facebook, providing brands with the chance to join the conversation about the characters, fears and dreams of the past, present and future.



Halloween was the single most-talked-about topic this month as people, especially women, embraced the fun and frivolity of the holiday.

October 21, 2015, marked a significant milestone for fans, especially men, of the science fiction “Back to the Future” trilogy. The 1989 film excited both old and new fans, who reminisced about the predictions it had made for the date Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to in the future. Brands, organisations and public figures also joined the conversation, tapping into the excitement on Facebook to build rapport with their audiences.

Nostalgia featured across the Entertainment category this month, with older Australian women bopping along at concerts of long-time artists Robbie Williams and Fleetwood Mac. News of a “Gilmore Girls” revival excited women of all ages, while MAC Cosmetics captured the attention of younger women through its partnership with pop sensation Ariana Grande.

It was mostly men who talked about the Rugby World Cup in the lead-up to the final on November 1. Australia’s team the Wallabies drew conversations among a slightly older audience than the audience who discussed the New Zealand All Blacks, showing the influence that age and gender can play on patriotism in sport.

October’s Hot Topics showed that with the right planning for key moments and creative content, brands can more effectively reach and engage with audiences that matter. Check out Hot Topics from Facebook IQ every month to gain a deeper understanding of your target audiences, develop more relevant creative and plan media more effectively.