Why Creativity Matters More in the Age of Mobile

Mobile has not only ushered in a new era of consumption for people, it’s given marketers a new canvas to tell stories. So why, then, are marketers building for mobile under the constraints of briefs and media plans built for other mediums, like TV and print? How can we as an industry break conventional norms and redefine storytelling and campaign planning now that the thumb is in charge?

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Moving at a Mobile Minute

2016 was the first year that Facebook saw more mobile conversions than desktop conversions for the entire Holiday Season.1 The upswing in m-commerce started on Black Friday, with the mobile portion of online transactions growing by 55% year over year. And it continued throughout the Holidays, with mobile making up 51% of total online transactions—more than a 10 percentage point increase compared to what we saw during the 2015 Holidays.2

What does this mean for marketers now and in preparation for the year ahead? In short, when it comes to shopping, the thumb is in charge, and it’s up to marketers to move at a mobile minute to keep up with where people are. Read more

Putting Creative Pre-Testing to the Test

Watching TV on a laptop, streaming live video on a phone and reading news headlines on a tablet are just a few of the ways people consume media these days. And no matter the channel, marketers want ad campaigns that reach their audience and make an impact.

As advertisers continue to shift more budgets to digital, and to mobile specifically, there is a need for rigorous creative evaluation. According to an Ipsos study, creative quality determines 75% of impact as measured by brand and ad recall.1 Read more

Reach and Frequency Dynamics: Smarter Planning, Greater Impact




Facebook Marketing Science and Facebook IQ recently explored how efficient planning can move business objectives in “Reach Matters: Driving Business Results at Scale” and “Effective Frequency: Reaching Full Campaign Potential.” This research took our understanding of the value in reach and frequency planning a step further and showed how actionable planning can lead to impactful results through Facebook and Instagram’s people-based marketing and measurement.

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Video Interview: What Your Campaign Measurement Is Telling You

“Is my advertising working?”

The rise of digital ads was supposed to make it much easier to answer this question. Access to a wealth of data allows advertisers a clearer picture of who may be seeing their ads and how those ads may be influencing behaviors like website visits or purchases. While this data has enabled a variety of widely used approaches for measuring ad effectiveness in the industry, there has not really been a systematic examination of how well these approaches work. Read more

Reach Matters: Driving Business Results at Scale

Marketers now have the opportunity to use precision to target audiences as well as mass scale to reach larger ones with digital and mobile platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. But if they limit reach, are marketers losing out on the opportunity to drive impact at scale?

To better understand the importance of reach in a digital world, Facebook Marketing Science conducted research to determine how efficient reach is in driving impact to more people and real business results at scale for brand advertisers. Read on for topline findings from our research and download the white paper for an expanded discussion of our analysis and what it means for marketers.

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Defining the Metrics That Matter

Gone are the days when marketers could simply evaluate their business with a few reports, TV ratings and sales figures. Today, the volume of data can be daunting to navigate, luring marketers toward evaluating readily available metrics, such as fans, likes, comments, shares and clicks, in lieu of or at the expense of the metrics that drive the bottom line.

Facebook has seen and been a part of the shift to prioritize measuring actionable real-time metrics that can impact business objectives. And the Facebook Marketing Science team has been on the front lines of navigating this evolution. In the Journal of Advertising, Brad Smallwood, Vice President, Facebook Marketing Science, charts our digital measurement journey, explaining how we evolved the metrics that define campaign success on Facebook, broke down silos with data and shifted the perception of analytics from being a back-office function to having a seat at the table. Read on for a summary of topics covered within the op-ed and what we believe defining the right metrics means for marketers. Read more

Closing The Creative Loop: Informing Art with Science

With just the scroll of a thumb, mobile News Feed allows people to discover the latest information about everything from their friends, family and favorite brands to topics in the news, virtually anywhere, at any time. The quick pace, combined with the volume of content, makes mobile a different and truly revolutionary marketing medium.

Great ads are designed for how they’re consumed. And for traditional mediums like TV, out-of-home and radio, it’s taken years of testing and many iterations to figure out what good creative is. For the mobile feed environment, we’re beginning to unearth these findings as learnings on ad creative continue to advance in this new space. Though each of these channels is different, one fact remains constant: creative is king. As an Ipsos study found, creative quality determines 75% of impact as measured by brand and Ad Recall scores.1 Read more

Capturing Attention in Feed: The Science Behind Effective Video Creative

Every second on mobile matters. From the palm of our hands, we’re consuming and recalling more content faster than on any device ever before. According to Fors Marsh group tests, it takes only 0.25 seconds of exposure for people to recall mobile feed content at a statistically significant rate.1 And in News Feed on Facebook, we’re seeing people spend, on average, 1.7 seconds with a piece of content on mobile compared to 2.5 seconds on desktop.2 Read more

Measuring Campaign Effectiveness: Making Search Work Harder

With 45% of shopping journeys containing a mobile action1 and people switching devices and channels at will, paid search alone is no longer the most effective method for brands to get discovered or grow within their category. Marketers now know that they need to plan campaigns across digital channels to match where people are spending their time.

To help marketers plan across channels, the Facebook Marketing Science team explored how exposure to Facebook ads can influence people’s search behavior and impact search campaign performance across mobile and desktop. Read on for topline findings from that research and download the white paper for an expanded discussion of our analysis, vertical case studies and what it all means for marketers.

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