The Holiday Countdown

Seasonal greetings have gone digital, and seasonal shopping has gone mobile. By taking a look at how technology and Holiday-related conversations added to the celebrations during the 2015 US Holiday season (November 1‑January 1), we’ve identified key moments for marketers to target in their own countdown to this year’s Holiday season.

Days to go



Holiday planning gets off to a start

Conversations related to Christmas shopping heat up on Facebook as early as November1

The Holiday m-factor

Facebook sees the share of online purchases made on mobile increase 33% from November 1 through December 25 compared to the same period the year before2

‘Tis the season for men to turn to mobile

Men are 1.23x more likely than women to shop on mobile during the Holiday season2

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Shopping season is off to an early start ...
especially for women

On this first big online shopping day of the season, women make 81% of all online purchases visible to Facebook2


Black Friday buzz begins ... and men join the conversation

Men drive 30% of Facebook conversations about Black Friday, more than any other Holiday they talk about on the platform1

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Shopping and Instagramming at the Thanksgiving table

Online shopping spikes on Thanksgiving as people sneak in Black Friday steals early. Facebook sees Thanksgiving come in as the 3rd highest day for online shopping year-round, just after Black Friday and Cyber Monday2


During the Holidays, Thanksgiving is the 2nd highest day for posting on Instagram (Christmas is the 1st)3


The Black Friday (mobile) bonanza begins

Filling carts anytime, anywhere. Facebook sees that people are 1.39x more likely to make online purchases on their mobile devices on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday2

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The Cyber Monday blowout

Cyber Monday makes up 7% of all online purchases visible to Facebook during the 2015 Holiday shopping season2

Back online after a long weekend ... Women make up 85% of Cyber Monday online purchases visible to Facebook2

3 out of 4 of women’s purchases are made on desktop2



Last-minute shopping reigns supreme

50% of surveyed people report that they do most of their Holiday shopping in December4

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24% of surveyed people shop within the first 10 days of the month4

Decking the digital halls

Christmas is the most active day during the Holiday season in the US on Facebook, with over 250m Holiday-related posts generated overall1

89% of those posts are on mobile1



Financial resolutions are made

46% of surveyed people agree they spend a lot of money during the Holidays, then control their spending starting in January4