The Holiday Countdown

With parol lights glowing, irresistible bibingka treats and special simbang gabi moments to celebrate, Christmas is the season every Pinoy loves—and it starts very early in the year. They’re living these unforgettable moments on Facebook and Instagram. Here's a look at how technology and Christmas conversations added to the celebrations during the 2015 festive season (October‑December 2015)

Days to go


Festive sharing kicks off

more daily Facebook posts in July, compared to average daily posts from January to June1



And people start preparing for the Holiday season



Shopping's in full swing

more conversions on average, compared to the daily average from June to August2

Compared to the surveyed population in other countries, Filipinos are 1.6x more likely to say they love the festive season and they enjoy giving gifts3

of surveyed Filipinos say Instagram is influential in their festive shopping journey3

of surveyed Filipinos say Facebook is influential in their festive shopping journey3



The season of mobile sharing

During the festive season, Filipinos post 84% of their Facebook content on mobile4

And Filipinos share 69% more mobile video posts, compared to the rest of the year on average5



Not long to go now...



Facebook and Instagram capture
special Christmas moments


Biggest festive online shopping
day on Facebook

more conversions on December 12 than in all of the second half of 2015, on average2

13 14 15 16 17

Conversations about gatherings
& festivities peak

Conversations around party planning, festivities and favourite celebration locations are highest a week before Christmas4

19 20 21 22 23 24

2nd highest day for Facebook
and Instagram posts in 2015

On Christmas Day, Filipinos share 43% more content on Facebook, compared to the daily average for the rest of the year4

... as well as 71% more on Instagram, compared to an average day in 20154

26 27 28 29 30

Most Facebook and
Instagram posts shared

On New Year's Eve, Filipinos share 74% more content on Facebook, compared to the daily average for the rest of the year6

... and they share 2.3x more on Instagram, compared to the daily average for the rest of the year6


The season of shopping
goes on and on

more online conversions on average in January 2016 than the average of monthly conversions in the second half of the year5


Pinoys discuss their New
Year resolutions


FMCG-related conversations increase significantly. Conversation volume is highest for Food & Beverage and Household topics on January 1, and it's second highest for Baby & Toys and Beauty & Personal Care7