Facebook's festive conversation

What makes this season so special in our platforms goes beyond presents. With the smartphone a constant companion, Brazilians chat, make plans, go shopping and excitedly enjoy the festive season. Put your brand at this discovery moment.

Days to go



Shopping has already started

of surveyed Brazilians plan to buy presents in October1

of surveyed women who self-gift say that they may shop for the Holidays in October1

Mobile is always on

of Facebook content is generated on mobile phones and tablets2



of surveyed Brazilians plan to buy gifts in November1


Celebrating and sharing
on Black Friday

of surveyed Brazilians celebrate Black Friday by shopping1

Facebook interactions generated on Black Friday2

Anticipation builds on mobile ...

average increase in content produced on mobile every day, compared to daily average of content produced on mobile during the rest of the year2

of Facebook conversations about Black Friday happen on Android devices2

... and lasts longer than a single day

Artboard 28BR-ok

of Facebook conversations about Black Friday happened 2 days before the event2

On Black Friday ...

18-24-year-olds generated 30% of the Facebook conversations about Black Friday2

25-44-year-olds generated 34% of the Facebook conversations2

Women generated 64% of the conversation2


... or should we say "Black Saturday"?


of Facebook conversations about Black Friday actually happen on Saturday2

29 30



Inspiration lasts through the Holiday season

of surveyed shoppers say they leave buying presents to December1

Warm days, parties, presents ... and mobile

Women generated 82% of the Facebook content on mobile in December2


On the night before Christmas

Mobile photo sharing increased 31% on Facebook2


Then they're off ...

of surveyed Brazilians say they travel for New Year's2

... but not offline

102% increase in Instagram posts from parents3

27 28 29 30 31



Detox? Not for Christmas

of surveyed Brazilians don't plan on spending less money in January1

of surveyed women say they self-gift in January1

and making an impression on Facebook ...

The first two weeks in January can offer some of the best value CPMs to be found all year on Facebook

Purchasing power

of surveyed Brazilians plan to self-gift during the Holiday season1

of surveyed women who report using Facebook and Instagram say they are likely to self-gift during the Holiday season1

of surveyed women said they planned on shopping in-store less than they did the year before1

Shopping sprees for parents

of surveyed parents plan to buy in-store1

of surveyed parents say Facebook influences how they shop1