Mother’s Day 2017 on Facebook

On Sunday May 14, 2017 people across the United States celebrated Mother’s Day. To better understand how people share in cultural moments like this one, we took a deeper look at how the conversation unfolded on Facebook.  Read more

Selfies and snail slime: Analyzing beauty conversations on Facebook and Instagram

In the UK, France, Germany and the UAE there has been a big growth in beauty conversations among women on Facebook and Instagram over the last 12 months. On Facebook we’ve seen a 18% increase in mentions of beauty, a 20% increase in mentions of makeup and a 16% increase in mentions of skincare1.

Beauty has always been about self-expression and thanks to the smartphone, people are now able to express themselves to a wider audience, on the go, in real-time. Where once the beauty purchase journey was relatively simple and linear, now as the online and offline worlds become ever more intertwined it is complex, fluid and individual. Read more

The Short and Winding Road: The Path to Purchase for Auto Buyers in Brazil

The path to purchase a vehicle now lasts an average of 6 weeks in Brazil, just half of how long the industry believes it takes for people to buy a car.

And mobile is driving that shift. With smartphones being the most owned and used device,* we see that Brazilians are turning to mobile throughout the path to auto purchase. And there are more than 480 opportunities to reach them on Facebook and Instagram along the way. Read more

Opening New Worlds: The Power of Passions on Instagram

Does technology have the ability to turn a hobby into a passion? Does having exposure to exotic destinations change the way people travel? Do sports fans want to see the personal side of players? Whether it’s an interest in travel, sports, beauty or cars, we explore how and why people are using Instagram to expand their world and follow their passions.

In this four-part installment of our podcast series, we’ll share insights from our internal Instagram data – as well as a recent Facebook IQ study – that shows how people use the platform to fuel their passions by allowing them to get unfiltered exposure to people, places and products from all around the world. Read more