Understanding the people who matter to you, so you can be what matters to them.

Every day, everywhere, people turn to Facebook to connect, share, discover, get informed and get inspired. By harnessing Facebook insights and working with world-class researchers, we can help marketers understand people across generations, geographies, devices and time. With more than 1.7 billion people on Facebook* and Instagram, making up 1 in 5 minutes on mobile in the US,** we are able to offer information about consumer attitudes and behaviors that marketers are unable to find elsewhere.

We are a team of thought leaders, researchers, writers, trend spotters, sociologists, anthropologists and scientists, who bring world-leading expertise to our data analysis and storytelling. We provide marketers a true understanding of people—who they are, what they do and why they do it—and we do this all in a privacy-safe manner. We look at what drives people to stop, look, feel, share, do and buy. We then translate what these insights mean for brands.


Real Life. Real Insight. Real Action.


* Facebook data, Jul 2016.
** Based on Nielsen Mobile NetView, Aug 2016.