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Fuel Your Media Strategy: Reaching Auto Buyers Online

To understand the impact of audience quality and scale in reaching US car buyers online, Facebook Marketing Science and Oracle Data Cloud (ODC) conducted a meta-analysis of 64 US automotive campaigns that ran between February 2015 and March 2016 across a variety of publishers. Discover the results and how to balance quality and quantity in reaching auto intenders online.

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Mobile Moves Commerce in Asia

People unlock their mobile devices 80 times or more every day. When they do, they’re expecting to be informed, surprised or entertained. And sometimes, they’re planning on making a purchase. For some people, mobile has even become a preferred device for shopping. Watch as Facebook experts and clients discuss how to seize the m-commerce opportunity in Asia.

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Cooking Up a Crave: The Role of Mobile in Fast Food Dining

Mobile is changing the fast food landscape. According to our newest study, at least 2 in 5 fast food diners say that their mobile phone is the first place they go to decide on a restaurant. Learn how restaurants can lean into mobile to draw in different types of customers.

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