2017 UEFA Champions League Final on Facebook and Instagram

For the countless fans not lucky enough to get a ticket to the 2017 UEFA Champions League final at the National Stadium of Wales on Saturday 3rd June, millions took to Facebook and Instagram to engage with the match.

Across the globe on Facebook, 34 million people had 98 million interactions related to the Champions League Final, and on Instagram, 14 million people had 50 million interactions related to the match.

Spain’s Real Madrid won the game against Italy’s Juventus, to lift the European Cup for a record 12th time. But the Italians were talking about the match more than the Spanish on Facebook – with two million people driving five million interactions, whereas in Spain, 900,000 people drove two million interactions.

Overall the top five countries talking about the match on Facebook were:

  1. Indonesia
  2. Brasil
  3. Mexico
  4. Italy
  5. Colombia

The most loved post on Facebook overall was this from Real Madrid celebrating the win. On Instagram, the most loved photograph was this one from Real Madrid of Ronaldo celebrating, and the most loved video was this one posted by Real Madrid previewing the match.

But its not just about the 90 minutes of football on the night, Facebook Live allowed fans to get close to the players during pre-match training and in the post-game celebrations. The UEFA Champions League went live on the Friday before the match to broadcast the training sessions of Real Madrid (2.3m+ views) and Juventus (2m+ views). And Real Madrid went live with Cristiano Ronaldo’s press conference after the match (1.4m+ views).

Real Madrid has nearly four times as many likes on its official Facebook page than on the official Juventus page and more than seven times as many followers on its official Instagram account. Check out the infographic below to see how it all played out.


What it means for marketers

Start planning for other major football tournaments. Football is the most popular sport on Facebook, and there are lots of opportunities in the year head for brands to engage with football fans.

Develop a complementary Facebook and TV strategy around big events. People might like to gather to watch football around a big screen, but they have their mobile in hand. There is more that marketers and creatives can do in terms of optimising video for mobile feed. Brands have a real opportunity to develop creative cross-media storytelling, involving both TV and Facebook. For more on how TV and Facebook work together, watch our Blueprint webinar. To understand why creativity matters more in the age of mobile, download our white paper or infographic.


Source: Facebook data. Data is global and collection took place from 12am BST on June 3, 2017 to 22:40pm BST [one hour after the end of the match] on June 3, 2017, Most talked-about players: defined as total number of people talking about them. Top social moments: defined as the greatest peaks in conversation volume during the match. Countries with the most conversation on Facebook: defined as the number of people talking about the match. Most loved Facebook post: defined by number of “love” reactions per minute during the match.