Mobilizing for Summer

Summer is a season for people to connect with family and friends, stay active and feel good. And mobile has created opportunities to stay connected beyond the moments we share in person. On Facebook, we saw that 92% of Summer-related conversations in the US took place on mobile in 2016—that’s 12.38x more conversation on mobile than on desktop.

With mobile as our constant companion, it’s more important than ever to connect with people on the go. Check-in locations can offer a glimpse into the ways people stay active and engaged during the season.

So what are people talking about during the Summer? On Facebook and Instagram, the dominant conversations throughout the 2016 season were about Loved Ones and Recreational Activities. But different demographics have different experiences. For example, on Facebook, younger people talked more about Health and Beauty than older people.*

Understanding the cadence of these conversations is key to planning for the season. During Summer 2016, the date with the highest volume of Summer-related conversation in the US was June 19 (Father’s Day).

On Facebook, Food, Beverages and Travel topics spiked on Saturdays throughout the season. On Instagram, Health and Beauty and Apparel and Accessories conversations spiked during weekdays throughout the season, and Beverages conversations spiked on Fridays and Saturdays.

For additional data and insights to inform Summer 2017 planning, check out our US and Canada infographics. For more Summer Instagram insights from around the world, check out our blogpost on Instagram for Business.


Download Mobilizing for Summer PDF – US

Download Mobilizing for Summer PDF – Canada



  • Apparel and Accessories: Categories of seasonally relevant clothing, shoes, jewelry and other accessories, like bags and glasses.
  • Beverages: Generic categories of seasonally relevant drinks. Brands of consumer packaged drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).
  • Food: Generic categories of seasonally relevant foods. Brands of consumer packaged foods and quick serve restaurants.
  • General Summer: Summer months and holidays.
  • Health and Beauty: Habits and products relating to internal and external wellness, including health, nutrition, physical energy, make up, skin and body care.
  • Loved Ones: Family (immediate and extended), relatives and friends.
  • Recreational Activities: Hobbies, outdoor seasonal activities, fitness, group get-togethers and social- or achievement-based celebrations.
  • Travel: Generic categories of seasonally relevant travel activities, terms and methods. Brands of hotels, airlines, online travel agencies and driving services.
  • Weather: Seasonally relevant temperature and weather-related terms. Terms describing outdoor heat, cold or weather patterns.
* Comparisons proportionate to each audience’s overall conversation.


 Source: Facebook data, US only, 18+, May–Sep 2016.