The Power of the Platform: Pixels + Print

When looking for a fashion fix, a beauty how-to or fitness tips, people turn to both magazines and Instagram. But they seek a different payoff from pixels than from print. In a study Facebook commissioned Kantar Millward Brown to learn more about those differences, we found that 65% of people who use Instagram on a monthly basis and subscribe to magazines (dual users*), choose Instagram over magazines when looking for inspiration. When it comes to looking for detailed information, 57% choose magazines over Instagram.

In the first episode of our new Facebook IQ podcast series, we discuss the unique ways that Instagram and magazines meet the needs of consumers. You’ll meet Yini Guo, a Consumer Insights researcher at Facebook, who led this study and will be taking us through the findings. You’ll also meet Karin Tracy, the Head of Industry for Beauty, Fashion, Luxury and Retail at Facebook. As the former Publisher at InStyle magazine, Karin lends a unique look into media trends and consumer behavior.


Have a listen here to check out our top five insights about how people consume content across both Instagram and magazines, and continue reading to see what it means for marketers.


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What it means for marketers


Harness Instagram’s power to create and inspire: Experiment with new formats, like Instagram Stories and Shopping, to help people propel their own creativity while pursuing their passions.


Use multiple perspectives to gain authority: Consumers trust a community of people they know and follow on Instagram. Tap into that community using influencers and brand ambassadors to gain consumers’ trust.


Turn to media that is “always on”: Real-time content on Instagram lets you reach people any time with your brand message, so your brand can also be “always on” and just a tap away.


Acknowledge that two may be better than one: Instagram and magazines can complement each other. Play with your media plan to find out what works best for your brand and campaign objectives. Look to Instagram to engage, connect and inspire consumers.


The Facebook IQ Podcast Series explores technology’s transformative role in our everyday lives and people’s evolving relationship with Facebook’s family of apps and services. With over 1.86 billion people on Facebook, Facebook IQ has the ability to share unique data-driven insights around what motivates people.


* Dual users are defined as both Instagram monthly users and magazine subscribers (on either print or digital)
Source: “Print and Pixels Study” by Kantar Millward Brown (Facebook-commissioned study of 3,068 people ages 18–55 in the US, with a mix of of Instagram monthly users and magazine subscribers), Feb 2017.