Top 4 Topics from Facebook IQ at SXSW

Facebook IQ took the stage to share insights about everything from neuromarketing to standing out in-feed as the worlds of technology, marketing and entertainment converged in Austin for SXSW 2017.

Check out the top topics from our sessions, and explore the insights and reports that inspired them.

Understand the brain on ads

Do the creative elements of an ad drive people to action? How do people respond to ad stimuli on a smartphone versus on a TV? Facebook’s Naomi Grewal, North America Consumer Insights Manager, moderated a panel of consumer neuroscience experts exploring these topics and uncovering the power of neuroscience research in understanding drivers behind consumers’ behavior.

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Seconds matter … especially in feed

“If prime time is now ‘all the time’ on the mobile phone … if 10 is the new 30 … if vertical is the new widescreen, how would that transform how we approach video on mobile?” Ann Mack, Director of Insights Marketing at Facebook, asked the SXSW audience as she concluded her keynote on how to stand out in mobile feed.

Ann noted that small changes to pre-existing assets, like TV commercials, can drive big impact in mobile feed. “To move people on mobile, you need a different kind of video,” Mack challenged. “We have to abandon any preconceived notions of what video is and consider the limitless possibilities. It can be produced in the palm of your hand. It can be designed without sound. It can be instant, bite-sized, live, unpolished, unscripted.”

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The thumb is in charge, and it wants to shop

How has the rise of mobile changed people’s shopping habits? Does time feel like it moves faster on mobile? What can marketers do to keep up with the growth of m-commerce? These are some of the questions Facebook’s Helen Crossley, Head of Audience Insights Research, tackled in her presentation that looked at a span of recent Facebook research on mobile.

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Emotions love Facebook, and adventure follows Instagram

Facebook researchers Vicki Molina-Estolano and Jaideep Mukerji took the stage to unpack the differences between Facebook and Instagram.

Vicki shared a fresh set of findings based on implicit-association research commissioned from Sentient Decision Science. “On average, people most strongly associate Facebook with humor, feeling in control and feeling appreciated,” she explained. “In contrast, people most strongly associate Instagram with being adventurous, real and creative.”

Jaideep presented data indicating that people tend to focus on different elements of an ad depending on whether they see it on Facebook or Instagram. But this doesn’t mean that advertisers need to develop different creative for Facebook and Instagram. “The trick to succeeding on both feeds is to develop an ad that has strong imagery, conveys personality and includes compelling copy,” he said.

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