Mobile Moves Commerce in Asia

People unlock their mobile devices 80 times or more every day.1 When they do, they’re expecting to be informed, surprised or entertained. And sometimes, they’re planning on making a purchase.

For some people, mobile has even become a preferred device for shopping.2

Facebook IQ commissioned TNS to explore how mobile is changing the consumer journey and creating business opportunities across India, Indonesia and Japan. This study complemented some of our other work on how mobile is moving commerce in Asia.

We presented our findings to marketers in a series of events in Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.

Check out the highlights of what we shared.


Seizing the m-commerce opportunity
Globally, m-commerce represents over a third of total online sales, with the mobile share of ecommerce transactions reaching over 50% in Japan and South Korea.3 Most people in Asia are now more likely to search and find product information on their mobile devices than in-store, and they tend to make decisions faster when they shop on mobile.4

Watch Facebook experts and clients discuss how to best seize the m-commerce opportunity.



Disrupting the shopper’s journey
With 7 in 10 Southeast Asians on mobile5 and half of them making online purchases directly from their device,6 mobile is the new store, the new cart and the new counter. But mobile advertising hasn’t caught up to where people are spending their time, representing only 12% of advertisers’ media spend.7

Hear insights from Facebook experts and clients on how to reach people from the moment of discovery all the way to their final purchase.



Measuring for real business value

More precise attribution models can help brands measure real business value.

See what Facebook experts and clients have to say about the importance of people-based measurement.



Check out Mobile Moves Commerce for more insights and information.


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