Winning hearts on Valentine’s Day

During the first big consumer holiday of the year, people spend billions showing affection for loved ones.1  They come to Facebook and Instagram to connect over happiness and heartbreak and share in the moment with loved ones of all kinds. We took a look at how conversations played out on our platforms surrounding Valentine’s Day 2016. 

Last year, everyone had love for mobile, with the vast majority of posts, videos and photos (89% in the US, 79% in Canada) surrounding the holiday shared on the platform. And more than half of Valentine’s Day conversations on Facebook, in both the US and Canada, took place on the day itself—a Sunday. In both countries, more than 20% of conversation happened in the three days prior.

What people talk about is just as important as where and when they say it. Women drove the overall conversation on Facebook, but interestingly, men and women discussed romance, loved ones and date night at similar rates, proportionate to their overall conversation. Men drove anti-Valentine’s Day conversations and talked about proposals and relationship statuses while women focused more on gifts and food and drink.
Explore more Valentine’s Day 2016 insights by downloading the infographics below.


Download the US infographic

Download the Canada infographic


1. National Retail Federation, Feb 2016.
Source unless otherwise specified: Facebook data, US and CA, ages 18+, Jan–Feb 2016.