Topics to Watch: January 2017

The latest edition of Topics to Watch shows the impact of living in an open and connected world. From Bangladeshi cuisine to trigger point therapy, influences both global and domestic are playing a role in the lives of Americans on Facebook. So as we look for the next big thing in creative and product development, we look beyond our backyards to the world at large.

Air Fryer
Companies, culinary chefs and at-home cooks are always seeking inventive ways to make traditionally unhealthy foods somewhat healthy, and air frying is the latest development on the fried food frontier. A kitchen appliance that fries food by circulating air at a high temperature, an air fryer uses less oil than traditional deep frying methods. Pass the air fried sweet potato fries, please.

Bangladeshi Cuisine
Exposure to cuisines from around the world has gone far beyond the usual suspects—Italian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese—to the detailed and distinct cuisines and traditions of specific nations. Enter Bangladeshi cuisine, which has been popular in the UK and is now reaching more parts of the world. This national cuisine of Bangladesh features a variety of spices and herbs that give way to strong aromatic flavors. Rice served with a range of curries and fresh-water fish are main staples within the cuisine.

Data Management
Services that help startups quickly scale their data management are growing, as analyzing and using data has become an essential component of a successful business. Traditionally, data management has been something only large tech companies have needed, but as the tech landscape evolves, more companies recognize how managing their data properly can positively impact their business.

The entertainment world has become more global and now, thanks to fandubs, language is no longer a barrier in the animated world. Most commonly done with Japanese animation, a fandub is a dub of a live-action or animated piece created by a fan. Dubbing is usually done in a language other than the original, but instead of subtitles you change the language track.

Once a basic wardrobe staple, leggings have now become an eye-catching statement piece. Memes have been popping up poking fun at leggings, but now you can also find emerging businesses on social media peddling bold and quirky themed leggings with prints that are ironic and humorous, from cats to emojis and seasonal patterns. Alas, the joke used to be on leggings, now the joke is printed on leggings.


Myotherapy was developed in 1976 by Bonnie Prudden, an American fitness expert. A technique using trigger point therapy to relieve pain and improve muscle condition, myotherapy can be used alone or in conjunction with acupuncture, podiatry and chiropractic treatments. With people looking for different ways to heal their bodies, myotherapy seems to be a popular alternative to traditional physiotherapy, massage and pain medication.