Topics to Watch: December 2016

In this latest edition of Topics to Watch, we see how technology and fashion are shaping and changing lives, influencing the way we look, live, work and listen.

Clear Aligners
The influence of celebrity culture and HD technology has led many of us on a quest for “perfect” teeth. More and more people are turning to clear aligners for orthodontics. The latest technology uses gradual force to move teeth without the need for metal brackets or wires, making it possible to straighten teeth with a clear, removable mouth guard. People are opting for clear aligners not just for ease and convenience but because they are less visible.

Downtempo music was born out of the 1990s club scene, where a tranquilizing beat would play in certain rooms dedicated to “chilling out.” It can be defined as a genre in electronic music similar to ambient music, but with more of an emphasis on rhythm. There has been a resurgence of downtempo music with satellite and internet radio providing more access to niche stations, allowing more people to discover and enjoy the mellow side of electronica.

Fashion Accessory
A fashion accessory can add to a style or complete a look. We are seeing more men getting into the accessories game, going beyond traditional wallets and watches to purchasing colorful socks, printed sneakers and “murses.” Once a traditionally stale and conservative fashion arena, men’s accessories now infuse humor, color and style, allowing men to add a bit of personality and punch to their wardrobe.

Home automation
Home automation—or smart homes—are no longer a thing of the future. Now nearly every aspect of your home can be automated. Home surveillance, lighting, temperature and sound can all be controlled from near or far with a touch of a button or a voice command. Home is now where the smart home operating system is.

A traditional dress once reserved for the Ancient Greeks and Romans, tunics have become a fashion staple in today’s world. They are exceptionally versatile and can be worn as a dress or a shirt and can be dressed up or down. Tunic comes from the Latin word “tunica,” which refers to a garment of clothing that was worn by both men and women. With the rise of androgynous or gender-neutral dressing, a lot of men are getting hip to the tunic trend. The ease, comfort and versatility of the tunic makes it both utilitarian and chic for all.

Web Hosting Service
Blogging is now considered a business-building tool just as much as a creative past time, which is why web hosting has gained so much traction as of late. Web hosting has moved beyond just democratizing IT services, and in some ways it’s become a serious business to invest in, especially for bloggers. Social media influencers and bloggers increasingly deliver both creative and economic value with many founding startups, some including their own web hosting service.

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