Hot Topics: United Kingdom December 2016

People on Facebook and Instagram in the UK took to their feeds to share festive moments and commemorate lives lost in December.

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UK Facebook Hot Topics December 2016


Unsurprisingly, one event dominated all other chatter on both Facebook and Instagram during December: Christmas. Festive conversations—including Christmas Eve and Boxing Day—had a female skew on both platforms and was particularly pronounced on Instagram.


In commemoration

The final month of 2016 saw more celebrities taken before their time. People on both Facebook and Instagram—particularly older women—expressed their sorrow at the passing of musicians George Michael and Rick Parfitt as well as Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher and her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds.

UK Instagram Hot Topics December 2016

Promising premieres

Star Wars was in discussion for other, more positive, reasons in December, with the release of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” A younger, male-skewed audience took time out from sports chat to debate the merits of the first movie in the “Star Wars Anthology” spin-off series.