Hot Topics: United Kingdom November 2016

This month, the US presidential election fever continued in the UK, with many people discussing and debating candidates early in the month. Now with the election behind us, many people are focusing on the upcoming Holidays—a season and a reason to be merry.

Use Hot Topics to better understand what people are thinking about each month and to add relevance to brand campaigns—especially now, as Brits dip their toes into the upcoming Holiday festivities.

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Politics and pundits
Although an ocean away, the US presidential election was the focus of both men and women on Facebook and Instagram. As people discussed and debated candidates past and present, President-Elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama captured the attention of both genders on Facebook and Instagram while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a popular topic on Instagram.

The Holidays are here! Late November was a time to be festive and also thrifty, as Thanksgiving (the US holiday) and Black Friday were popular topics among women on Facebook and Instagram. There was chatter around Boxing Day, the bank holiday held during Christmas, among women on Facebook. The fireworks on Guy Fawkes night also sparked conversation among younger women on Instagram. Celebrations aside, as the days get darker and colder, older women were looking for an escape for Winter Sun, making it a popular topic on Instagram.

Big Wins
Andy Murray beat Novak Djokovic to win the ATP World Tour Finals, grabbing the attention of men and women on both Facebook and Instagram. Younger men on Facebook and Instagram took note as Steven Gerrard, who spent the majority of his career playing for the Premier League Club in Liverpool, suggested that he was retiring from the LA Galaxy.

For the greater good
“Children in Need,” a BBC telethon to raise money for disabled children and young people in the UK garnered the attention of women on Facebook and Instagram. Alzheimer’s Research UK launched “Santa Forgot,” helping to raise awareness and support for the disease and capturing the attention of men and women on Instagram.
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In commemoration
The death of Canadian singer and song writer Leonard Cohen, known for his hauntingly beautiful ballad of “Hallelujah,” captured the hearts of older men and women on Instagram and Facebook.