Hot Topics: Australia November 2016

November kicks off end-of-year festivities in Australia, with many Australians and the expat community celebrating Thanksgiving ahead of the Christmas season. As the temperatures start to warm up, let’s take a look at some of the topics that were hot on Facebook this month.

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November was a month of revivals for several fan-favourites in Australia. Iconic Australian band, Crowded House, returned to the stage exactly 20 years after their “Farewell the World” show. On Instagram, older Australians shared their delight and adoration for the band and their much-loved music during the Crowded House: Encore show on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

Across both Facebook and Instagram, younger Australian women eagerly anticpated the release of the “Gilmore Girls” revival, almost 10 years after the airing of its last episode. On both platforms, younger women shared their excitement about the new episodes and relived their favourite memories of Stars Hollow and Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.



The festive season is in full swing this month, with more and more Australians celebrating Thanksgiving with family and the expat community. Across both Facebook and Instagram, Australian women are giving thanks, grateful for the shared experience they have with family, friends and the wider community.

With December around the corner, Australians are getting into the Christmas spirit early on Facebook and Instagram. As many brands, like the global favourite John Lewis, are launching their Christmas campaigns on Facebook, Australians are also sharing their favourite things about Christmas on the platform.

Aside from festive celebrations, Australians joined together to witness the Supermoon for the first time since 1948. On Facebook, Australians of all ages engaged with content to discover at what time and in which location they could get the best view of the phenomenon. On Instagram, Australians shared their Supermoon experience through photos and videos.


In commemoration

Australians come together on 11 November to commemorate those who have bravely served and lost their lives in the armed forces since the First World War. On Instagram, Remembrance Day is a chance for Australians to commemorate loved ones and support those who continue to serve the nation.

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World leaders

The US election was a hot topic in Australia in November, with the nation watching on as the American people voted for their next president. Australian men were the most active participants in the conversations on Facebook and Instagram, engaging with various pieces of commentary during the election.