Hot Topics: United Kingdom October 2016

In the final month of the US presidential race, election fever spread around the world, and the UK was no exception. While many people debated the candidates’ relative merits, others preferred to focus on seasonal celebrations, sports and entertainment. Use Hot Topics to better understand what people are thinking about each month and to add relevance to brand campaigns—especially now, as Brits dip their toes into the upcoming Holiday festivities.

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The war of words between presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton dominated the thoughts of older British audiences on both Facebook and Instagram. While men were more active in conversations about both candidates, the skew was more pronounced in those about Clinton.


The hottest topic of the month was Halloween, with younger people, especially women, sharing plans and outfit ideas on Facebook. The Hindu festival Diwali was a unifying event across all ages and genders, and many women are already starting to kick off Christmas planning on Facebook.

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Bob Dylan kept older men on Instagram guessing after winning the Nobel Prize for Literature for his lyrics. The American songwriter and artist stayed silent for most of the month, before revealing that the win had left him “speechless.”