Hot Topics: United Kingdom September 2016

September in the UK saw warm temperatures and high levels of chatter across Facebook and Instagram. Sports dominated male conversations while Entertainment was a popular topic for women. And there was plenty to celebrate—from both the present and the past.



Halloween plans figured prominently amongst female conversations on Facebook and Instagram, whilst two Muslim events—the Hajj pilgrimage and the Eid Al-Adha holiday—were discussed widely by both sexes. Celebrations were in order for baking fans too, with the Great British Bake Off entering its seventh series, despite mixed feelings over its future move to Channel 4.


In commemoration

Older Facebookers reacted to the news that Mother Teresa, the much-loved Roman Catholic nun who passed away in 1997, had been proclaimed a saint by Pope Francis. Meanwhile, fans of the late musician Freddy Mercury and late children’s author Roald Dahl celebrated their respective 70th and 100th birthdays.


Fond memories of other past favourites were in evidence elsewhere. News that Samuel L. Jackson would be starring in a remake of the 1985 classic “The Last Dragon” was greeted with excitement by men of all ages, while the release of the third instalment in the Bridget Jones series got female tongues wagging.


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