Hot Topics: United Kingdom August 2016

After a slow start to summer, temperatures in the UK soared during August. Conversations on Facebook and Instagram heated up too, with the Rio Games and various festivals and holidays getting tongues wagging and fingers tapping.


Big wins

August in the UK was all about the Rio Games, with chatter on Facebook marked by increasing excitement over Team GB’s largest medal haul since 1908. These conversations had a slight female skew, possibly because male eyes were already starting to turn to the new Premier League season, which kicked off on August 13.

In commemoration

The passing of American actor and comedian Gene Wilder, star of comedy classics including “Blazing Saddles” and “The Producers,” prompted fond discussions of the children’s favourite, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”


Instagrammers, meanwhile, were in more of a celebratory mood, discussing a wide range of national and international events including Yorkshire Day, Gaelic festival Lughnasadh and World Breastfeeding Week. Some were even getting ahead of the game by making early plans for Halloween costumes and festivities.


What it means for marketers

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