Holidays 2016: ‘Tis the Season of Surprises

We all have big dreams for the Holidays. We hope to find the perfect gift, ship a picture-perfect card and get it all done early. But it’s a season of surprises. The Holidays unfold in a variety of unexpected ways, whether it’s shopping later than planned or picking up a little something extra for ourselves.

Luckily, we have help at our fingertips. People use mobile to make the Holidays come together—from gathering inspiration to sharing and shopping. This past Holiday season in the US, the share of online purchases that were made on mobile and visible to Facebook increased 33% compared to Holiday season 2014.1

Facebook IQ wanted to explore the changing role of technology in global Holiday celebrations. We analyzed Facebook and Instagram data from the 2015 Holiday season (November through January). We also commissioned Ipsos to conduct a study of Holiday habits and attitudes among 21,511 people ages 18+ across 17 countries. Unless otherwise noted, the figures presented below represent our global findings.




1 Facebook data, US only, Nov 1–Dec 25, 2015 (Holiday season 2015). Analysis of conversion pixel data for ads that were shown to people ages 18+ on Facebook. The gaming vertical is excluded from this analysis.