Hot Topics: United Kingdom July 2016

Women led the majority of Facebook conversations in July, with current affairs and sport proving most interesting to older groups and Entertainment, brands and products dominating younger discussions.




World leaders

As the UK came to terms with the surprise Brexit decision, conversations amongst older Facebookers turned to the question of who would take over the leadership. Theresa May’s dominance of Facebook conversations foreshadowed her success, while her choice of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary provoked enthusiastic debate.

Meanwhile on Instagram, for a younger, female audience there was only one world leader worth discussing: Beyoncé.



There was a certain air of nostalgia in July, with the re-emergence and rebooting of a number of familiar pre-millennium entertainment properties. Roald Dahl fans eagerly awaited the movie version of “The BFG” and “Ghostbusters” fans debated the potential merits of its remake, while Pokémon fans discovered a new way to enjoy the game with augmented reality-based “Pokémon Go.”


Let the games begin

Sports fans had plenty to talk about, too, with the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and the Tour de France both taking place in July.




What it means for marketers

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