Hot Topics: Australia July 2016

Australians travelled through both time and topics in July, reliving their pasts, looking forward to the future and debating the present on Facebook and Instagram.



Technology company Niantic gave Pokémon fans a blast from the past when after years of speculation and testing it released the app-based game “Pokémon Go” into test markets around the world. Young Australians jumped at the chance to enter the world of the popular anime cartoon, making it the highest-trending topic across both platforms. Even the series’ mythical creatures trended on Instagram, with both Squirtle and Eevee proving popular with young women.

Disney also took Australians back to their childhoods, as they discussed the film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic novel “The BFG” on Facebook. Women of all ages shared their opinion of Disney’s movie, while the re-release of “Ghostbusters” had young women on both platforms asking, “Who you gonna call?”

World leaders

Following June’s national election, Australians continued to stay up to date with politics on Facebook and Instagram. Discussion of polarizing political leader Pauline Hanson popped among men and women of all ages on both platforms, while morning TV host Sonia Kruger’s controversial on-air comments were debated on Facebook.


Religious holiday Eid al-Fitr featured prominently, with young women celebrating the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan.

Christmas in July was also a hot topic across both Facebook and Instagram, an opportunity for Australians to feast in a traditional Northern Hemisphere Christmas manner and celebrate with friends and family.

What it means for marketers

 July’s Hot Topics showcases Facebook’s and Instagram’s ability to drive and create an emotional connection. Whether by evoking nostalgia, rallying people around a cause they are passionate about or bringing them together to celebrate a joyous occasion, marketers who engage with their customers on Facebook and Instagram can achieve a deeper, more impactful connection with their audience.