The Drive to Bank on Digital

Across Latin America’s two most populous countries, people are starting to expect more from their banks. But are banks in Brazil and Mexico rising to the occasion? Recent research reveals that 1 in 2 online bankers don’t think so.

In a previous post, we looked at how mobile is reshaping the way people shop across Latin America. And now, a recent study allows us to shed new light on how digital and mobile are transforming the way people bank.

To explore what increasing mobile usage, shifting behaviors and rising expectations mean for banks operating across Latin America, Facebook IQ commissioned Ipsos to conduct online interviews among 1,391 connected bankers—Brazilians in classes A, B and C and Mexicans in classes A, B, C+, C and C- who have Internet access and active bank accounts.*

We discovered that the drive to bank online is widespread and reaches across genders and generations. We also found that banks have a significant opportunity to close the gap between their clients’ expectations and services offered.

Check out the infographic below to see what it all means for marketers.

FacebookIQ Rise of Digital Banking_Final