Hot Topics: United States June 2016

Americans on Facebook and Instagram found ways to persevere and celebrate in the kick-off month to summer, even amidst real-time reactions to news events like the nightclub shooting in Orlando and Brexit (the UK’s withdrawal from the EU).



Everything from sharks and doughnuts to family, freedom and faith inspired celebrations in June. Father’s Day captured the attention of women on Facebook, as did Children’s Day and Independence Day. And the festivities extended in a more visual format on Instagram, adding Ramadan, Pride, Shark Week and National Doughnut Day to the mix.

Brand buzz

Younger women on Facebook reacted to a contest about Cheetos. Using the “what shape is that cloud” game as inspiration, Frito-Lay asked fans to submit photos of one-of-a-kind-shaped Cheetos and describe what they see. Judges will rate each submission through August 15, and the brand will offer the top 10 winners up to $150,000 in prize money.

And Taco Bell launched its first “Steal a Game, Steal a Taco” promotion during the 2016 NBA Finals, garnering the attention of younger women on Facebook who were especially excited to get a free taco after the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers on the Cavaliers’ turf.

Gamers realm

While young men talked about E3, the annual trade fair for the video game industry, younger women grew the discussion on Facebook around arcade games.

In commemoration

People turned to Facebook and Instagram in June to commemorate lives well lived and lives lost too soon. Men on each platform mourned American Olympian, boxer and activist Muhammad Ali and Bahamian boxer and actor Kimbo Slice. And women on each platform mourned the Tennessee Lady Vols and most winningest NCAA basketball coach Pat Summitt and American “The Voice” star and singer-songwriter Christina Grimmie.


What it means for marketers

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