Hot Topics: United Kingdom June 2016

British conversations on Facebook and Instagram during June saw the return of familiar demographic splits, with younger men favouring sport and younger women showing more interest in Entertainment and celebrations. One subject, however, dominated the national discourse above all others: Brexit.



The biggest rivalry in generations played out between the Remain and Leave camps in the EU referendum. This occurred at both the national and individual level, as key figures on both sides jostled for supremacy, while an older, male-skewed audience continued the debate on Facebook.

Let the games begin

Meanwhile in France, a very different type of contest was kicking off: the UEFA European Championships. The disappointing performance from the English team preoccupied younger men, while younger-still males discussed the latest video game releases at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo.


Father’s Day was the biggest topic for many younger women across both Facebook and Instagram, along with discussions about Entertainment groups and figures, such as Coldplay and Jaden Smith. Celebrations of Ramadan also proved to be a popular talking point.


What it means for marketers

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