Hot Topics: United Kingdom May 2016

May in the UK saw a broad range of conversational topics on Facebook and Instagram, featuring a certain amount of demographic clustering. Older men discussed politics and younger men focused on sport, while female conversations were largely concerned with seasonal events and entertainment.



While younger women discussed Jaden Smith’s fashion choices and career aspirations, an older, less female-dominated audience watched Jamala of the Ukraine take the honours at the Eurovision Song Contest. Neither could compete with Candace Payne, however: a Texan mum whose laughter over a Chewbacca mask became Facebook Live’s most-watched video ever, clocking over 155 million views.


The thoughts of younger females were on slightly more cerebral matters: preparation for their GCSE exams in June. For an older audience of women across both Facebook and Instagram, a much-loved national educator was top of mind, with nature documentary-maker David Attenborough celebrating his 90th birthday.


The UK’s potential “Brexit” from the European Union dominated older, male conversations, overshadowing discussions over the London Mayoral elections and the FA and Scottish Cups.




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