Hot Topics: United Kingdom March 2016

Facebook and Instagram chatter during March revealed some interesting contrasts between the sexes. While female conversations centred on themes of celebration and togetherness, male discussions often focused on rivalries and antagonism.


Capturing the voices of women

The female sex was celebrated across Facebook and Instagram, with Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day each widely discussed, largely by women themselves.


Women led the chatter around seasonal events, including Easter, Saint Patrick’s Day and World Book Day.


Men were transfixed by rivalries, whether in the political arena (the US primaries, Ian Duncan-Smith vs George Osborne), in the MMA cage (Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor) or at the movies (Batman vs Superman).



What it means for marketers

A comprehensive understanding of gender (and other demographic) differences within brands’ target audiences can help marketers make smart decision about audience segmenting and ensure communications are correctly targeted.

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