Hot Topics: March 2016

Video games, new technologies and superheroes inspired chatter across ages and genders in March, as people on Facebook and Instagram in the US embraced their inner nerd.


Kids’ corner

Women in particular showed an appreciation for childhood delights. Women of all ages talked about children’s author Dr. Seuss, as his 112th birthday coincided with children’s educational events at schools across the country for Read Across America Day. Meanwhile, younger women on Instagram discussed the animated film “Zootopia.”

Gamers realm

Younger Instagrammers convened to discuss strategy games, which could include video games or tabletop games. And older men looked back at the classics, lighting up Facebook with talk of arcade games.

Brand buzz

New technologies inspired conversations about brands, as speculation about the iPhone 7 united men and women on Facebook. Younger women discussed the announcement that Six Flags is pairing a roller coaster with virtual reality goggles.

Promising premieres 

Men and women joined forces to talk about Wonder Woman, who appeared in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Meanwhile, younger men put on their capes to talk about the movie itself.
What it means for marketers

March’s Hot Topics shows people enthralled by pop culture and innovation. Brands can speak to the nerd in all of us by creating novel content that sparks curiosity and inspires discoveries.




Hot Topics for Australia, Canada, the US and the UK

People in all four countries discussed rivalries on-screen and in the ring while women focused on holidays.


Younger men in Australia, the US and the UK discussed Irish MMA artist Nate Diaz’s victory over American Conor McGregor in the UFC 196. In Canada, younger men discussed only the latter fighter. An on-screen rivalry captured the attention of young men across each market, with talk of the movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Capturing the voices of women

In all four countries, women of all ages discussed International Women’s Day. In the UK, women also celebrated Mother’s Day.

What it means for marketers

March’s topics united people in all four countries in different ways. Brands can speak to that unity by celebrating the events that bring people together and the rivalries that bring out their competitive sides.