Hot Topics: United Kingdom February 2016

After a quiet January, men were back and chatting with gusto in February, with clear differences in interests emerging between age groups.

Older male conversations centred on current affairs, including the fortunes of aspiring American presidential nominees Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Meanwhile, younger men seemed preoccupied with sports, with Super Bowl 50 and the prospects of Man City F.C. featuring heavily in Facebook chatter.




Overall, Valentine’s Day was the clear winner in the chat stakes, followed by Friends Day (the celebration of Facebook’s 12th birthday) and Mother’s Day. Such conversations were generally female-led—particularly by younger women, who also enthusiastically discussed Entertainment topics such as the Academy Awards and TV series “The Walking Dead.” Older women were most vocal—perhaps surprisingly—about the online game Farmville.

Valentine’s Day was also Instagram’s number one topic, again largely among women, while Mother’s Day proved most chat-worthy to an older female audience. Younger women were more likely to discuss celebrities, while men —as on Facebook—were most interested in sports.



As ever, these differences underline the importance to marketers of gaining a deep understanding of their audiences’ interests, preferences, hopes and concerns. Knowing what their customers see as important will help them develop marketing activities that resonate deeply and drive action.

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