Hot Topics: February 2016

Check out the graphs below to learn what got people talking on Facebook and Instagram in the US during the month of February. And see what February’s Hot Topics were in Australia, Canada and the UK.



People on Facebook and Instagram in the US were captivated by leaders who stood out in February.

Thoughts turned to the future head of state, with the looming primaries and debates especially capturing the interest of men. Multiple contenders were in the running on both platforms, but Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump won the race for attention. The two candidates divided generations, with older men discussing Trump and younger men “feelin’ the Bern.”

In Sports, younger men huddled before, during and after the Super Bowl to discuss Cam Newton and Peyton Manning, the respective quarterbacks for the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. On Facebook, we also saw the Big Game itself kick off big conversations.

Talk of tastemakers was also en vogue for older people on Instagram. Men and women welcomed the start of New York Fashion Week, and designer Michael Kors’ new fall collection garnered the attention of older women in particular.

This month shows that leadership captures people’s attention in many forms, whether we see it in the political arena, in the football stadium or on a designer’s runway. How can your brand stand out from a crowded field of contenders and come out ahead?




Hot Topics for Australia, Canada, the UK and the US

Across Australia, Canada, the UK and the US in February, politics inspired conversation and the arts stole the show. People on Facebook and Instagram in all four countries discussed American presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, with men in particular joining the debates.

Meanwhile, younger women in all four countries sang the praises of musical awards shows. On Facebook in Australia, Canada and the US, the Grammys took home the trophy. And in the UK, the Brit Awards took the prize among younger women on Facebook.