Marking Milestones: Women on Facebook in Indonesia

Social network usage among Internet users is higher in Indonesia than in any country in Southeast Asia, and Facebook is cited as being one of the country’s most popular social networks.1

We wanted to understand what this meant for a key segment of people in Indonesia: women ages 18–45. As a sister study to Portraits of Women on Facebook in Thailand, Facebook IQ commissioned TNS to conduct a study of the unique role Facebook plays in the lives of these women as they mark key life milestones.

From posting about their first job to sharing their child’s first steps and first day of school, we learned that women in different life stages turn to Facebook to connect with the people who matter to them. And 59% do so several times a day.

We also found that each surveyed woman owns an average of 3 devices, with 89% owning a smartphone, 85% owning a personal computer, 55% owning a tablet and 32% owning an advanced feature phone. 97% who own a mobile device say mobile is their main method of communication with family and friends.

Check out our infographic below to learn more about women on Facebook during different life stages in Indonesia and how marketers can reach them.



1 “Social Network Usage in Southeast Asia: A Country-by-Country Look at the Regional Leaders” by eMarketer, Dec 2015.
Source unless otherwise specified: “Women Moments in Life Study” by TNS (a Facebook-commissioned study of 1,200 women ages 18–45 at defined life stages who use Facebook in Indonesia), Sep 2015.