Tech Transformations for 2016 and Beyond

As we head into 2016, Facebook IQ wanted to explore technology’s transformative role in our everyday lives. Explore our fifth of 5 discoveries.


How people express themselves in terms of age, gender, looks, sexual orientation, relationships, spirituality and more is no longer binary. Driving this newfound empowerment is unparalleled access to new ideas and information, unlocking the facets of human experience. All of this combines to create a deeper understanding of what identity means and the freedom to throw off the shackles of convention and share who we really want to be.Embracing_Identity_Chart
In the Real World  

From gender-neutral clothing lines to new rules for romantic relationships to 60 being the new 40, we’re seeing social norms shift away from traditional stereotypes and accepted behavior to an embrace of a Millennial-driven “free to be me” ethos and all of the diversity that goes with it.


Celebrating individuality

As Millennials set the tone for greater permission and acceptance of “otherness,” reflect on the growing kaleidoscope of identity and human experience.


Download the Embracing Identity PDF here.

Source unless otherwise specified: “Tech Transformations Study” by Crowd DNA (a Facebook-commissioned study of people ages 18–64 in NG, UK and US and and ages 20–64 in KR), Oct–Nov 2015. This study included interviews with 11 experts, 60 qualitative participants and 4000 online survey respondents.