Tech Transformations for 2016 and Beyond

As we head into 2016, Facebook IQ wanted to explore technology’s transformative role in our everyday lives. Explore our third of 5 discoveries.

Playing_with_Food_GIFAs food culture expands online and local cuisine becomes global, there’s a growing consciousness around sustainable food production to combat future food shortages and environmental drawbacks. Technology is being used to replace the unsustainable food sources people are used to by harnessing sustainable ingredients or developing synthetic processes in laboratories.


In the Real World 

To reduce the world’s reliance on animal-based proteins, scientists are looking at ways to harness the power of nutrient-rich plants and vegetables to recreate new forms of meat cheeses and sushi. Insect protein and sustainable insect flour are becoming more mainstream in an effort to match the taste and texture of foods people are used to while being healthier for the planet, too.



Taking the long view

A growing acceptance of alternative food sources signals the adoption of long-term thinking. Even beyond food production, there’s increased awareness of the impact of consumption on the environment. Recognize that consumers are open to innovative and surprising solutions to protect the planet for future generations.


Download the Playing With Food PDF here.