Tech Transformations for 2016 and Beyond

As we head into 2016, Facebook IQ wanted to explore technology’s transformative role in our everyday lives. We commissioned insight and innovation experts Crowd DNA to travel the globe consulting experts, interviewing influencers and surveying people about how technology shifts their attitudes, values and daily rituals.

We then looked at how keywords and conversations around these societal and cultural shifts manifest on Facebook and Instagram and how open people in Nigeria, South Korea, the UK and the US are to the diverse ways technology is augmenting their lives. The study resulted in interviews with 11 experts, 60 qualitative participants and 4000 online survey respondents.

Technology continuously pushes us in new and exciting directions. And its effects are seen everywhere from Lagos to NYC to San Francisco, Seoul and London. As expert consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow put it: “There’s a massive shift in the psychology of consumers, their openness to the new, their willingness to try new things and their belief that all is possible today.” 

Explore our 5 discoveries.Personal_Sustainability_GIFIn an age where we can monitor, map and predict what’s going on inside of us, technology isn’t just about simplifying our lives—it’s about giving us the ability to engineer the best possible version of ourselves, with the ultimate aim of ensuring our own personal sustainability.

Whether it’s about improving nutrition, fitness, sleep or even mindfulness, people share more and more online about their own personal commitment to lead longer, happier and more productive lives.


In the Real World 

What once sounded like science fiction is becoming reality. Today, personal genome sequencing allows more people to discover and act upon the results of their own genetic code through customized nutrition and exercise plans. Tomorrow, scientists will introduce ingestibles and embeddables, including “smart pills” that can track your heart and breathing and implantable chips that go in your arm to help signal when it’s time for a snack (or not!).


Health, the ultimate status symbol

With the time and money involved in designing our own “immortality,” this quest is today’s aspiration. Indeed, a good night’s sleep, a mindful moment and a customized roadmap to longevity have become the new luxuries. Consider how product extensions, brand messaging and experiences can tie into health as the ultimate status symbol.


Download the Personal Sustainability PDF here.