Hot Topics: United Kingdom January 2016

Perhaps it was a prolonged case of the January blues, but men were unusually quiet on Facebook last month, with the majority of conversations featuring a strong female skew.

Conversations—particularly amongst older women—were dominated by the sad deaths of beloved British entertainers David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Women also led the conversations around the celebration of—and planning for—seasonal events, including Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Entertainment topics, including singers Beyoncé and Adele, proved popular, particularly amongst younger women.



Chatter on Instagram, meanwhile, was slightly more evenly balanced between the sexes. Men focused on sports while conversations amongst women—perhaps influenced by New Year’s resolutions—were dominated by fitness products and services, including Fitbit and Weight Watchers.

In tracking what the different sexes are talking about over time, marketers can gain an understanding of whether their brands and associated events, sports and topics have traction among the people who matter most to them or whether they need to adjust their strategies to better reach and resonate with those audiences.




Learn more about what was on people’s minds during January in the charts below, and check out Hot Topics from Facebook IQ every month to gain a deeper understanding of your target audiences, develop more relevant creative and plan media more effectively.