Hot Topics: January 2016

January’s edition of Hot Topics marks the Facebook IQ launch of Instagram insights.

Check out the graphs below to learn what kept people talking on Facebook and Instagram in the US during the month of January. And see what January’s Hot Topics were in Australia, Canada and the UK.



The new year brought inspiration to people on Facebook and Instagram. People of all ages in the US went on each platform to honor visionaries and talk about exciting events, like the Powerball that featured a $1.5 billion jackpot. The 50th Martin Luther King, Jr. Day inspired dreams of equality across ages and genders on Facebook. And fallen stars lit up conversations across each platform.

Older men and women commemorated musician Glenn Frey, founding member of the band the Eagles, and older women on Instagram memorialized unforgettable late singer-songwriter Natalie Cole. Meanwhile, younger women celebrated the life and acting career of Alan Rickman, including his role in “Harry Potter.”

We saw men and women turn to each platform to remember David Bowie in unique ways. On Facebook, older men discussed the artist himself while women on Instagram reminisced about his song, “Starman.”

Events on New Year’s Day brought a different kind of inspiration. Men and women alike turned to Facebook and Instagram to celebrate the Alamo Bowl and the NHL Winter Classic. Older women celebrated the 2016 Rose Parade, and their younger counterparts discussed the Philadelphia Mummer’s Parade.

In honor of the inspiration celebrated on Facebook and Instagram, consider what exciting rewards you can offer people to motivate them to take a chance and try something new with your brand.



Hot Topics in AU, CA, the UK and the US

As in the US, men and women in Australia, Canada and the UK also memorialized stars who have passed, with conversations about David Bowie, Natalie Cole and Alan Rickman.

Chatter about Adele went international in January, with younger women on Facebook in Australia, Canada and the UK tapping their toes to Adele’s carpool karaoke performance on the “Late Late Show” with James Corden. Meanwhile, younger men on Instagram in Canada, the UK and the US talked about the rivalry between UFC fighters Carlos Condit and Robbie Lawler.

Australia Day brought older women on Facebook and Instagram in the UK together with their younger counterparts on each platform in Australia. Older women on Instagram in the UK and Canada shared enthusiasm for the Japanese New Year while older women in the UK also enjoyed London’s New Year’s Day parade. And older women in Canada joined men and women of all ages to recognize Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the US.