Hot Topics: Canada January 2016

During January 2016, people on Facebook and Instagram in Canada were winding down the Holiday season and looking forward to upcoming events like the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day.



The month found older Canadians on Facebook and Instagram commemorating the passing of beloved entertainment icons, as men and women remembered David Bowie, Natalie Cole and Glenn Frey. Younger women in particular mourned the loss of Alan Rickman.

Champagne and board games like Monopoly and Catan were on the radar of younger women this month on Instagram, while an older female audience talked about the Fiesta Bowl and Japanese New Year.

The NHL Winter Classic and recent performances from the Toronto Maple Leafs were on the minds of younger men on Facebook and Instagram. And on Facebook, the older male audience was embroiled in discussion around Carlos Condit’s controversial UFC victory.

Across the genders and ages, the unclaimed Powerball jackpots from the January draw was also a topic of interest for people in Canada.




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