Hot Topics: United Kingdom December 2015

As trees were decorated and last-minute presents frantically sought, Facebook conversations over the festive period in the UK were predictably dominated by the subjects of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. And as in November, the chatter data suggested women were taking the lead in planning and sharing the fun.



More surprisingly, however, was the distinct polarisation of chatter between the sexes, with very little common ground in evidence. While women collectively focused on seasonal Events and Entertainment, male conversations were markedly more diverse.

The long-anticipated release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the Entertainment topic of choice for men of all ages. Older men proved to be most interested in news events, including Labour MP Hilary Benn’s speech on Syria, the death of Motörhead frontman Lemmy and the continuing spotlight on Donald Trump. Meanwhile, younger men took more of an interest in sports topics, including the fates of Chelsea FC’s now-former manager José Mourinho and Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal.

The diversity of subjects discussed on Facebook in December is a useful reminder of the wide differences in the interests, motivations and needs of brands’ customers. Businesses that recognise these customers as individuals and target them accordingly with relevant, personalised content will be best-placed to form ongoing and mutually rewarding relationships.

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