Hot Topics: December 2015

Check out the graph below to discover what mattered most to people on Facebook in the US during the month of December. And see what December’s Hot Topics were in AustraliaCanada and the UK.



December marked the end of 2015, a year colored by nostalgia for topics from yesteryear, a fascination with space and topics that simply made us go “huh?” (remember World Naked Gardening Day?). It also marked the beginning of something new—something to look forward to, whether it be dreaming up New Year’s resolutions or listening to a preview of an upcoming album from Metallica.

On Facebook, chatter from men and women revealed that the New Year wasn’t the only new topic people cared about. We saw younger men get out the Festivus pole to celebrate the only-19-year-old Seinfeld holiday “for the rest of us.” And younger women talked about Steve Harvey naming a new Miss Universe just moments after crowning the wrong contestant.

Meanwhile, older women discussed a new verse in the life of singer Dolly Parton, who released a TV movie, “Coat of Many Colors,” that looks back at her childhood. And older men turned to Facebook to converse about President Jimmy Carter’s announcement that he is newly cancer free.

As we welcome the new year, what resolutions can your brand make to connect with new audiences, whether it be about new or tried and true topics?


Hot Topics in AU, CA, the UK and the US

In December, people in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US had a lot to say about Entertainment and Holidays. In Entertainment, men drove the conversation about Star Wars: The Force Awakens in all 4 countries. Younger men in each country also drove conversations about Sports, focusing on Conor McGregor’s MMA win against previously undefeated Jose Aldo.

People in each country shared an enthusiasm for talking about Christmas and New Year’s while also bringing a unique twist to the season with their own cultural Holidays. In Australia and the UK, celebrations continued the day after Christmas with discussions about Boxing Day. Canadians celebrated (or ont célébré) the new year in 2 languages, with people discussing both New Year’s Eve and Jour de l’an (New Year’s Eve en français). Meanwhile, people in the US included the more modern holidays of Festivus and Kwanzaa in their Holiday chatter.