Hot Topics: Canada December 2015

December was a time for celebration in Canada, as people across the country shared messages of cheer and friendship during the Holiday season. Canadians, especially women, used Facebook as a Holiday card to share messages with family and friends for Christmas, New Year’s, Noel, Hanukkah and Christmas Eve.



The season of cheer also saw men and women of all ages entertaining themselves with sports, movies, songwriters and public figures. Younger men could not resist sharing excitement for the new Star Wars launch and were deeply affected by the death of Motörhead legend Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister. Older women turned to music and the upcoming life story of a musician: Michael Bublé and Dolly Parton’s new movie “Coat of Many Colours” were at the top of the list.

As Canadians shopped for their last-minute gifts, they turned to Facebook to get opinions and share thoughts on brands like Best Buy, Walmart, Dodge and Coca-Cola.

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